Snowminds was formed in 2012 by the founders Ottar and Christoffer. They founded the company, to make it available for young people, to buy a fully made package, that included a ski instructor exam and a ski season.
The passion Ottar and Christoffer had was to make it easy for everyone to become a ski instructor and have someone to help throughout the whole experience. This dream started when they wanted to become ski instructors but did not know who to call or where to begin.

Now 8 years later, that dream has most certainly become a reality. Not only do they provide courses and destinations in over 10 different countries, they also have their own clothing brand and a lot of other skiing courses that improves technique and guides you through the mountains.

Snowminds won the prestigious Gazelle award in 2018 for being one of the most growing companies in Denmark, that means they really have shown Denmark what ski instructing is all about.

Where are Snowminds based?

They are based in Copenhagen, with an office full of experienced instructors that provide the best service imaginable. Everyone who works at Snowminds has visited several destinations throughout the world, and that means they have a huge knowledge in skiing and different ski resorts all around the globe.

With their advanced selection process, they only pick around 1/3 of the annual appliers for their skiing course, which means they only pick the most motivated appliers for their course!

With their unified passion for skiing and making everyone else loving skiing, they have truly provided some great ski instructors to all kinds of destinations, and we even have some of them rating our destinations. This provides a locally insight to our destinations, and really give a picture-perfect example of the different destinations. If you are interested in becoming a ski instructor, or you simply just want to get improve your skiing, you should go check them out.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/snowminds/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SnowmindsEN/?ref=page_internal