Have you ever wondered where you can do a season as a ski instructor? Well, look no further, we have made a list of some awesome countries, and the specific certificates you can obtain in each country. We have also included some of the favourite destinations from former ski instructors.


Austria is mostly known for the Apres ski, Hansi Hinterseer and the mighty alps. This also makes Austria one of the most visited ski countries around Europe. This was the first country in the world, to open a ski school, that taught other people how to ski. They have some of the best slopes in the world, and provides some amazing back country skiing, so doing a full season in Austria really provides you with everything you need

The instructor certificate in Austria in one of the most renowned in the world. The Austrian people really take pride in this and do everything to uphold this standard. This means that you will become an even better skier when doing the exam. So, if you want to become a ski instructor, or snowboard instructor, Austria is definitely a great place to start!

In Austria you also have some of the most amazing ski destinations, that includes Sölden, St. Anton, Iscghl and Bad Gastein. This is only a few the many enormous resorts that lies within the country. If this ignited the inner ski instructor in you, we suggest you go check out Ski in Austria for more information on how to start your Instructor adventure.


Huge mountains, unlimited backcountry, and poutine. This is what gets people from all around the world, to meet up in Canada each winter. The country is known for its huge snow potential and amazing nature. In Canada you will experience an international atmosphere as well as the Canadian friendliness from the locals. During a season in Canada, you will work with some of the most well known ski instructors around the world, you will become an amazing skier yourself, and even learn about the true Canadian culture.

In Canada, you start working when you have your level 1 CSIAA, this education gives you access to most ski schools worldwide and is the foundation for your career as a ski instructor. With this you can for example work in the world-famous Whistler Blackcomb, or the amazing Sun Peaks. During a season in Canada, we know you will fall in love with these places and never want to go home. Become a ski instructor in Canada.


Do you want to eat Sushi, Ramen and Powder every day? Then Japan is the place where you should become a ski instructor. Maybe you have never heard of skiing in the country mostly known for its crazy gameshows and temples but it’s actually the country that gets the most snow annually. It is so crazy, that Freeride World Tour, have a competition there every year in Hakuba. With more than 12 meters on average, the snowfall doesn’t come lightly. And that amount of snow, combined with easily accessible back country, makes Japan a go-to for backcountry skiers from around the globe.

As a ski instructor in Japan, you will work with ski instructors from all around the world. It is not required to speak Japanese as most of the customers are from overseas. You will get an education in the Australian or New Zealand ski school-system. This will provide you with a certificate that is very similar to the Canadian one and you can teach all over Japan as a ski instructor. The biggest resort in Japan is Niseko, which lies on the northern island of Hokkaido, on the island you will also find famous places like Rusutsu and Kiroro. If you want to live in a more cultural part of Japan, there are loads of smaller ski resorts around Hokkaido. If you want to go to Hakuba, Niseko or Rusutsu on next season, check out Ski In Japan.