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So you are excited to try skiing, and your first ski trip will start very soon. Even though there’s no hidden secret to skiing for first-time skiers except doing it and spend time improving yourself (just like any other sport), these tips below can give you some great ideas to start with.


Choosing the right place

As tempting as it may be, don’t just choose any fancy ski resort that you happen to hear of. Instead, spend some time finding and choosing a beginner-friendly ski resort. You won’t want to feel intimidated by steep slopes at the very beginning of your ski journey. Look for places that at least offer gear rentals, ski lessons, and bunny hills, or beginner-friendly green trails.

Opt for an all-in-one package

Many resorts have packages dedicated to first-time skiers. Do some research, look into those deals, you can get considerately great discounts for ski rentals, lessons, and lift tickets all-in. It’s always good to keep your wallet happy, and saving big on the costs of your ski trip is definitely a great way to do that.

Book yourself into a ski school

Even if you’re going with friends or family who are willing to teach you how to ski, do yourself a favor and book into ski school. You can luxuriously take private classes, in which you can have all the attention of your instructor and make rapid progress. Otherwise, group lessons are much cheaper and you can practice with other beginners. Besides having help from ski instructors to learn the motions and techniques, skiing with companions who have similar skills, athletic ability, and state-of-mind can make you feel more confident.

Find yourself a ski school here.


Don’t buy the first time

You are eager to look good and feel good in your first time trying this winter sport. So, buying all fancy suits, gear and everything else sounds really exciting. But please, just don’t! Delay your purchases sometime later. You can borrow and rent almost everything several times before deciding on what is actually necessary. Moreover, having tried out everything will give you a clear thought about what is fit for your own preferences and what’s not.

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Don’t let falling discourage you

As a first-time skier, you will definitely fall. In fact, expect to fall a lot and to feel a little bit embarrassed because there are countless ways that things can go wrong (and you may not even realize what happened!). It is just inevitable for all beginners, so don’t be afraid to fall. Embrace it, learn from your fallings. You must get up and stay confident while continuing to practice your skills. 

Don’t wear sweatpants, jeans or leggings

If you don’t want to be wet, cold, and miserable on the slopes, stay away from jeans, sweatpants, or leggings. Being made mostly from cotton, these garments will absorb moisture and easily get wet from the snow. Getting wet means game over for that day as you can’t stay warm again. Instead, you will need clothes with waterproof material, especially waterproof ski pants and a waterproof jacket. 

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