Ski Locally: Global Fun, Local indulgence!

As plenty of ski resorts are already open for the new season, ski trips appear to be more feasible than ever since Covid emerged. Skiing locally may be a great choice with multiple benefits, both for you and for everyone around!

Convenient and safe

Although vaccination is proceeding, there are still certain restrictions varying from country to country. Information on these restrictions is subject to change rapidly and abruptly, putting ski tourists in a vulnerable position. The possibility that we get exposed to the virus during the hustle and bustle is also a notable concern. To prevent all those hassles, going on a local ski trip can be your preferred decision. We can avoid almost all traveling time, waiting time, mandatory isolation or quarantine, and stay safer. Our trip should be fun, not dreadful. So, make it fun, let’s go ski next door!

Economical and eco-friendly indulgence

As living responsibly has become a common trend, conserving energy is one of the most important things we can do to reduce our carbon footprint. Skiing locally is ideal in the way that it helps to lower the energy consumption throughout our trip while still offering the global fun of this winter sport. Not only the environment thanks us for the conscious choice, but our bank account will too. Without the need to spend a large sum of money on a faraway trip, how about rewarding ourselves with a little bit more indulgence?

Support local tourism

One important reason that we should do more local skiing: to support local. Covid related disruptions have significantly affected the travel industry, and companies have to confront the severe risk of closure or bankruptcy. Making a trip to our local ski resorts means a lot more than just a winter vacation. It’s a chance to show our support, thus making sure these businesses will stand strong.

So, have you decided on any local ski resorts yet?

Don’t forget to check out Ratoong’s new ski resort search feature to get more information about all local places that meet your preferences.