Noun Raa-too-ng – or ɹætu:u:ŋ  

A free platform for skiers and snowboarders to search and compare ski resorts like never before. Our platform uses sophisticated algorithms to take the information you input on your style and skill of riding, as well as general preferences, to match you with resorts. Never again will riders find themselves at resorts that are much too difficult, or without the amenities that are important to them. 

In order to succeed we ask that after users have their ski holiday they rate the resort as to have a large database of ratings and analysis of the 20 different parameters of each resort with the intention of eliminating bias and subjective views of reviews.

Whether you are an avid skier or only go once a year, Ratoong will find you resorts that will make your next ski trip the best it can be!

”Hey Jerry, I used Ratoong the other day to find this awesome resort in Poland I didn’t even know existed!”

”Listen Carol, those reviews are so bias, those people don’t ski like you at all,  you need to use Ratoong to search rate ski resorts so it’s less subjective

Webster’s Collegiate® Dictionary is only updated every 10 to 12 years, so we figured we would need to simply tell you ourselves the definition of Ratoong! 

Now, to be clear, Ratoong is for everyone – and we will never ever ask for any form of payment from our users or invade you with advertisements. The world is already too expensive, the last thing we want is to ask for more money from the everyday skier and snowboarder in this big beautiful world. Instead we collect all the ratings you share with us, the data can then be sold to ski resorts or other partners – but note – there is NO personal data shared with any partner. Only anonymised data and we comply 100% to the GPDR rules. Resorts can use the date to e.g. improve the ski area or become better at finding the right target groups.

Did you know there are more than 5300 ski resorts in the world! So many amazing ski resorts out there are being overshadowed but we think all the resorts should have a fair change to win you over! With over 1400 ski resorts, all with more than 15km of piste, on Ratoong we provide you with the chance to switch up from your regular ski trip and see what else the world has to offer – in line with what is important to you.

Change is scary.. but you’re a rider.. you can handle it! 

Now before we send you off to set yourself up with a profile HERE and help you plan your next ski trip, there’s a few terms you need to know!

  • Off-piste: going off the prepared runs. Ungroomed runs that are beyond the main lift access. Access to off piste can be easy, with small traverses or more difficult requiring hiking. Some resorts have lots of opportunities to explore the off piste while others have high avalanche areas and therefore much less chances to leave the main runs.
  • After ski/Apres ski: Where you go after you been out riding the snow all day. Most likely it’s bars and cafes where the adult hang out to kind of party very early. 
  • Gastronomic level: How good the food and beverage in general, so it is about the food and beverages in hotels, bars, cafes and restaurants. 
  • Snowpark: refers to the terrain park and availability of jumps, boxes, rails etc. 
  • Sustainability: the ability to be sustained, supported, upheld, or confirmed. The quality of not being harmful to the environment or depleting natural resources, and thereby supporting long-term ecological balance. In general refers to how eco friendly the resorts are being. In line with UN sustainability goals we look at the sustainable water use, energy as well as sustainable innovation and infrastructure ; including the transport available and the existing buildings within and around the resort.  
  • Ratings: score you give resorts that spans from ‘1’ to ‘5’. 1 being NOT GOOD, with the exception of some questions where it indicates EASIER. 5 being VERY GOOD. E.g: How is the lift connectivity in Lake Louise? ‘1’ snowflake would indicate it is not well connected, ‘5’ would indicate it is very well connected. Important to remember we are a start up and NEED YOUR RATINGS as data can easily be skewed with the resorts that have very few ratings. If you’re unsure with some of the resorts scores feel free to give us some feedback or message us to help you through your ski resort search! 

Convinced yet?

Set yourself up a profile to truly LEARN BY DOING.

Input your skiing/snowboarding preferences, followed by your general information and click FIND MY MATCHES.

In your profile it is important to note that you should ONLY complete the conditions that are IMPORTANT TO YOU. Therefore, if you will not be using the ski school facilities whatsoever simply DO NOT fill that out. By only filling in the questions that are important to you, it avoids filling out parameters that are not relevant for your search. 

You then can also set things such as the countries you’re willing to travel to, the distance from your hometown or the airport you’re willing to travel and minimum vertical drops if those things are important to you.

You can always go back and change your profile to fit your mood or skill levels as it changes. If you want to ski somewhere that is exceptional in a certain category you are more than welcome to only fill out one or two parameters and the results will still match You!

It’s all about YOU.

…and if all goes wrong and you’re lost and confused, were a message or email away to walk you through anything you don’t understand. Planning your next ski vacation should not be stressful… we’ve got your back!