SKIER.DK is another great Danish startup creating a portal of knowledge within the sport of skiing. They launched the beginning of 2020 and have built a platform for the benefit of all you Danish ski enthusiasts out there! At the moment, is only available in Danish, but in the pipeline, they will be available … Continue reading SKIER.DK

How Summer in a Ski Resort Will Improve Your Skiing

What? You’ve never seen the mountains green? You’re missing out! A woman once said, “Everyone should spend a summer holiday in a ski resort.” That woman was me.


I guarantee that the slopes in summer will offer at least as many thrills as they do in winter, the same stunning scenery – and wonderful wildlife if you’re lucky. Not only that, taking your summer holidays in a winter wonderland will help you to make the most of your time on the snow, perhaps in ways that you have never considered. Continue reading “How Summer in a Ski Resort Will Improve Your Skiing”

Spring Skiing

Now we know, this year is one of the first years in history where most resorts that have the ability to stay open throughout April, or further, will not be blessed with the joys of spring skiing. Now often people think that April may be when you should start to plan the summer holidays but … Continue reading Spring Skiing

A Life Without Ligaments – And How to Avoid It!

Life_without_ligaments (10)
The author off piste, proving that There IS Life Without Ligaments!

“Most of the All Blacks don’t have A.C.L.’s (Anterior Cruciate Ligaments).”

This was the advice given to me by the orthopaedic surgeon. At the time, in the early 1990s, he also advised me that recovery from the surgery to reconstruct a ruptured A.C.L. would be worse than the injury itself; that he couldn’t reproduce the function of a natural A.C.L., whose structure, in layman’s terms, had ‘differential stretchiness’ between the outside and the core; and that if I got myself a CTi knee brace and kept my muscles strong to support the joint, I would be able to ski again.

If New Zealand’s fabled team could play professional rugby union without their A.C.L.s, I felt there was hope for me.

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