Ski Resort Weddings are a magical way to tie the knot!

Among all the places that you can think of for your wedding venue, did you know that ski resorts are one of those magnificent places for a dream wedding?

Imagine yourself exchanging vows in such a spectacular view: blue skies overhead, magical surroundings, nature at its best!

Ski resorts offer the breathtaking beauty of sky-high mountains with a stunning backdrop. Not to forget the numerous activities for your guests to be entertained throughout the wedding weekend.

Either skiing is in your veins since a young age, or you have never tried it before. A ski resort will make your wedding perfect for any time of year. 

To get the most out of the wedding at a ski resort, add this to your checklist before the detailed planning begins.

Marriage laws

Don’t forget to do some research on the marriage laws of the countries or states where you’re going to get married. This will help to avoid unexpected changes after making all your plans for the wedding.

Different places have different laws. Some countries allow you to legally get married right on the mountain. Others require that you have the paperwork signed in advance.

Couples choosing to wed in Europe often prefer the latter. Thus, they can have a completely personalized ceremony on the mountain.

Ski Resort Wedding Venues

Deciding on the ski resort for your wedding is crucial. There are many factors to consider for a splendid wedding (yes, amongst affordability).

You may need to think about;

  • Accommodation: Capacity, lodging for guests and so forth
  • Transportation
  • Offerings from resorts: Rehearsal dinner arrangements, wedding setups and what they can provide before and on your wedding day.

Also, if high altitude is not a problem for you and your guests, you can choose to exchange vows at the top of the mountain.

Otherwise, organizing the ceremony at the base locations with ski lodge reception venues is an equally fascinating choice. 

Ski Resort Wedding Planning Service

Many ski resorts offer wedding planning services that take care of everything for your wedding. Or it is also possible to use the service of local wedding planners. With the help of wedding planners, you can spend more time on other to-dos in your long checklist.

Moreover, it is possible to either choose to let planners arrange certain parts of your wedding (such as paperwork, decorations, musicians) or simply let them prepare everything and enjoy stress-free months of wedding planning. 

Skiing before a Ski Resort Wedding

Want to ski before your Ski Resort Wedding?

If you can’t resist the temptation to hit the slopes on your wedding day, you’d better prepare in advance to avoid any risk of damage (of your outfits, and your experience as well). Search for the closest runs to your ceremony venue, plan the route to take, allocate enough time to stop for pictures, and prepare appropriate outfits before your wedding day.

Especially for the bride, make sure you can move comfortably in your chosen outfits and avoid helmet hair or a goggle sun tan! 

With so much love for the snow – its only reasonable to want to make more love on the snow!

To all the couples getting married on the slopes this year!

Congratulations and we hope you and the rest of the communities continue to #smileinthesnow!

Love always,

The Ratoong Family